hello world

GWC is a pretty lazy attempt to document, ruminate on, and look critically at my own cheap gaming habits.

While indie games and cheap gaming definitely both have followers, I first began to consider making a blog out of despair over a lock of third-party sites looking at browser games — which I’ve long been a fan of. This makes a lot of sense. Who has the time and energy to devote to writing up reviews on every random flash game someone put together?

Well, no one does, but I do have a lot of time and energy to write reviews on SOME random flash games!

In addition to the free browser games that are my not-so-guilty pleasure, this blog will also help me process my thoughts on my other gaming habits: randomly downloaded freebies, really cheap indie games, my complicated thoughts on RPGmaker, the horrendous backlog I’ve amassed, and obsessively watching sales. I don’t think I’ve bought a game not on sale in… I literally can’t remember. Not often, was where I was going with that.

Regardless, this is a niche I love and I would love the excuse to play around in it more that blogging will give me. And hopefully if anyone reads this they will tell me MORE games to go play, because I’m actually kinda obsessed.

— Pink


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