About GWC

I was one of those kids who obsessively refreshed the newgrounds game portal, because I didn’t quite believe that gaming was my “thing” enough to commit real money to it. Unfortunately, this persisted entirely too long, and developed in both an abiding love for little indie games an a severe aversion to shelling out 60 bucks for a title — something I just couldn’t ever financially justify, and which struck me as somehow boring.

As a result, I spend way too much time looking at Steam sales, still use my newgrounds account, and flit from game to game like a hyperactive child — and I love it.

Gaming while Cheap was born out of a lament that there didn’t exist many review blogs for the indie games I enjoyed, and a niggling sense of “Hey, I mean, I could probably do that, if I just would do it.” Focused on reviews and either free or very cheap games across a variety of platforms, GWC has something for anyone with very low commitment thresholds, just like me!